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Linux & Android Development on Chrome OS

Adriana Jara & Emilie Roberts

Developer Advocate


I was born and raised in Costa Rica. Moved to the bay area to work for Google as a Software Engineer. Recently switched to doing developer relations for Chrome OS.

Emilie is a developer advocate working on Chrome OS (Android apps, Linux, creativity), Android camera, and real-time audio. Prior to this role, she was a professional contemporary dancer, freelance programmer, and high-school teacher. She has an iron ring and is a top-level roller derby athlete. She thinks the developer voice is critical in guiding Google and the ecosystem to make sustainable, open decisions that support technical and non-technical communities and well-being.


Chromebooks can run Android apps, but they can also be used to develop them! This short talk takes a look at the current state of Linux on Chrome OS and how you can use your device for development.

Introductory and overview