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1. Reactive approach to delegation in Kotlin

2. Level up your extension game

Aida Issayeva

Android Engineer

Clarity Money (Goldman Sachs)

Aida is an Android Engineer at Clarity Money, personal finance management app. Previously, she has built android applications for various industries, ranging from cloud gaming services to satellite data communications. When she's not coding, she's chasing a great food experiences all over the world.


1. This talk about delegation and delegated properties in Kotlin and how to incorporate them into your custom views and to make them react immediately to new data. It showcases the usage of delegated properties in custom views and also enhances the mvi pattern when dynamically adding different views based on multiple user interactions

2. In this talk I'll go over some good and bad practices about using extensions in Kotlin, as well as use cases for the Kotlin's standard and Android KTX extension functions.