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Coroutines and Rx: A battle towards asynchronicity

Amanjeet Singh

Android Engineer


Amanjeet is a passionate android developer who loves open source technologies, open source contributor and active speaker. As a developer he always tries to build apps with optimized performance and good architectures. Currently working as a Product Engineer at GoJek, he helps in building products for one of the largest unicorn building an on-demand empire. Also a technical editor and author in android team at raywenderlich.com. Love contributing to open source and write tech blogs in his free time. He also has been an active speaker in the open source community


Coroutines have already changed the way that we all thought of doing asynchronous programming. The transition from the traditional way of doing asynchronous programming to coroutines is also not very easy. Especially, when you have to leave something like RxJava. This talk will make you realize how the Rx things will look like in Coroutines world. We will witness a battle shaping up between the two by judging their skills in different battle rounds. Abstract: 1. A brief introduction to what Coroutines bring to the table and an interactive way to understand the coroutines magic. 2. Introducing the players in the ring with their special powers: Rx and Coroutines. We will get to know about the different power each player has and will provide a rating to them. 3. Starting the battle between the two by giving different situations and declaring a winner in each case. Here we will also get to know how the two worlds will look in contrast: * Zipping different API calls and having results. * A chain of responsibility for picking up your data * Transforming the native callbacks to the coroutines vs transforming in observables. * Exception handling * and much more 4. Conclusion