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Conscious Leadership in Engineering

Amy Yin

Android Engineer


Amy is an Android engineer on the Coinbase Growth and also a champion of the Conscious Leadership framework. She has facilitated multiple Conscious Leadership workshops and coaching circles and is passionate about helping others grow in compassion and awareness. She has a degree in Computer Science from Harvard and previously was an engineer at Facebook and Hired.


Conscious Leadership is a popular framework for growing in self-awareness, used by companies like Coinbase, Asana, Front and many others. The framework challenges our facts vs stories and how to wrestle with our own emotions before talking directly with others. In this session I'll talk through conflicts with other engineers, in particular stepping into the "Drama Triangle" about an engineer who implemented Fragments into the Android codebase without a design doc. The facts are: This large architecture change has reduced our crash-free rate and delayed multiple dependent projects. A pull request was open for 1 month without a description or written out plan for implementation. The engineer said there would be no dependencies or blockers for my team. The stories running in my head are much more extreme: This engineer doesn't care about bringing the rest of the team along in the change. This engineer doesn't know how to make big architecture changes effectively. This engineer doesn't value my input in his architecture. This engineer doesn't care that his project is delaying mine. In this workshop, we will work through separately our facts from stories and using the tools of this framework to understand our own context before we deal with content. This will be a very interactive workshop where we will work with participants real problems in a group settings. Similar to reading or listening to a talk about yoga, Conscious Leadership is a hands-on practice. It requires some openness and vulnerability to work through tough issues so come with an open mind and questions!

Introductory and overview