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The device is running on it's own! Full-stack automation of UI testing on a custom android firmware.

Faraz M.R. & Bharath MG

Android Engineer & Web, Mobile and Devops engineer


Faraz is an Android Engineer who's across the stack from AOSP framework customization, android application development in Kotlin, CI/CD and DevOps. When he’s not writing code, you’ll see him on stage improvising with his Improv troupe.

Bharath is an experienced Web, Mobile and Devops engineer. He love diving deep into architecting software solutions in any platform. He has extensively worked with Backend (Golang, NodeJS) and Android stack (Kotlin, Java). An OSS enthusiast. A huge fan of Reactive Programming and Kotlin. Loves participating in Hackathons.


Working on a custom android firmware has it’s own challenges, especially if you have a suite of system applications which needs UI testing. Manually, you’d need to flash your device with the custom ROM, run UI tests on it, check results. If you have a high-cadence delivery cycle, this can get troublesome, real fast. In this talk, we walk you through how we automated UI testing of our custom firmware at Hammerhead and integrated it with our CI/CD pipeline. To give a brief, with this setup, our custom hardware downloads the custom ROM, run’s tests across applications and uploads the results to the CI server - all without any human intervention.

Introductory and overview

Lightning talk