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Hands on MvRx: Building Real Apps

Gabriel Peal

Android engineer


Gabriel is an Android engineer at Tonal (https://www.tonal.com/). Previously, he worked at Airbnb and Google. At Airbnb, he supported 70 product engineers to ensure that the Android app is stable and fun to develop for. He also worked on the React Native infrastructure for a year. At Google, he helped take Android Auto from ideas on a whiteboard to car dealerships around the world. He also wrote Lottie for Android and is a co-maintainer and owner of MvRx. Speaker: Droidcon NYC 2017, 2018, 2019 Droidcon SF 2018, 2019 Craft Conf 2018 AnDevCon DC 2017 Google I/O 2014 Podcasts: Fragmented (x2) Talking Kotlin Android Developers Backstage Software Engineering Daily (x2) Ray Wenderlich Podcast Author of: https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/react-native-at-airbnb-f95aa460be1c


MvRx is an Android architecture library built at Airbnb on top of Jetpack. MvRx is used in hundreds of feature across many companies and exists to make your life as an Android engineer better. In this talk, I'll introduce MvRx and then show its true practical power by building two separate apps live! Come see how MvRx can make the life of you and your coworkers better every day.