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Kotlin beyond Android

Guillermo Orellana

Software Engineer


Guillermo is a Software Engineer that has been doing Android since it was commercially available. From sunny Spain through snowy Poland to rainy London, he is currently taking care of the core mobile platform efforts in Skyscanner. He believes Kotlin is a strong player in all the fields, and envisions a future where all things will be done in Kotlin. Warning: may contain traces of sarcasm and siesta.


Are you an Android developer? You tried Kotlin the day it was announced as supported, and you loved it? Feeling a bit more comfortable with the language, you wonder "what else could I do?". The answer is, many, many new and exciting things! Join me on the story of how I used Kotlin to open up and broaden my horizon. It started taking the vertical path towards server with Ktor as my companion. Later on, I took the frontend route with KotlinJS and React bindings paving the way. Do I dare to take the Konan challenge and conquer the iOS ecosystem? There is only one way to know...