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ConstraintLayout 2.0 and MotionLayout workshop

MotionLayout & Motion Editor

John Hoford & Nicolas Roard

Android developer


John is a developer on Android working on Android Studio, ConstraintLayout and MotionLayout. He has worked on Android Studio, RenderScript, Vector Drawables, computed shadows and photo editor filters.

Nicolas works on Android Studio Design Tools and the ConstraintLayout library at Google


In this workshop, we will go via a series of examples through some of the new concepts and features of ConstraintLayout 2.0 dedicated to layout, and how to best take advantage of them, simplifying UI creation and maintainability. We will also cover in depth the new MotionLayout class, how to integrate it in your applications and leverage it to build great motion-enabled applications.

MotionLayout is a new class in ConstraintLayout 2.0 dramatically simplifying the creation of animations, particularly related to handling motion and touch events. This session will cover what the library is capable of, where it makes sense to use it, and how to take advantage of the upcoming Motion Editor in Android Studio to quickly add motion to your application!

Introductory and overview