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Working With Alternative Build Systems

Kurt Nelson & Gautam Korlam

Senior Software Engineer & Android Developer Experience


Kurt has been working with Android at the framework and application level since 2010 and bought a Motorola Xoom. At Google, he worked on Glass, Google Buds and the internal application framework used by apps such as Tez & Google Go. He has taught Android to Software Engineers at many top tech companies as a Big Nerd Ranch instructor. He currently lives in SF and works for Uber on mobile foundations that makes writing high-quality application code as easy as possible.

Gautam leads the Android Developer Experience Team at Uber. He is very passionate about tooling, infrastructure and build systems for building android apps at scale.


As a mobile codebase grows, there are new types of challenges developers must tackle. One of the common challenges is the scalability of build systems like Gradle. Uber, Google & Facebook use Buck and Bazel to work with large codebases. In this talk you will learn how these alternative build systems impact both the developer experience and the performance of builds. You will also learn if, when and how you should switch to them for your own codebase.