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Intro to app modularization

Mario Sanoguera

Staff Engineer


3 years in London, 1 in Berlin and recently moved to San Francisco! Enjoying the Android Community worldwide and always happy to try and give back everything I've learned from it. I also write and maintain some Android articles for ProAndroidDev.


In this session, I will go over a meaningful introduction of what the current state of Modularization on Android is. Covering the following topics: - What is modularization - Why should I modularize my app - When should I modularize my app - How to modularize (different approaches + advantages & disadvantages of each one) - Types of modules overview (app, feature modules, shared modules, base modules) - Type of modules in android (application, android library, kotlin library & dynamic features) - Loading & Unloading Modules during your day to day development - Reducing build time further with a Test launcher app module (to only launches your feature and the modules that depend on it). - Why you should avoid a single base module - Gradle dependency management with multiple build.gradle files