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Adding Flutter to your Android app

Matt Carroll

Flutter framework developer


Matt spent 7 years building Android apps, including work on Nest’s flagship app. In 2018, Matt left traditional Android development behind to help build Flutter, a UI toolkit for Android, iOS, web, desktop, and more. Today, Matt continues to work on the Flutter framework while educating developers about how to use Flutter in their own apps.


Flutter is a UI toolkit for building beautiful and performant apps across multiple platforms. While many independent app developers have chosen to rewrite their apps with Flutter, for most companies and developers, an app rewrite is logistically impossible. Most apps need to integrate Flutter piece by piece. This talk shows you how to add Flutter to your existing Android app. In addition to outlining the high-level options for adding Flutter to your Android app, this talk also pulls back the curtain on the technical details to show you exactly how Flutter integrates with Android. You will leave this talk empowered to make important technical decisions about where, when, and how your team integrates Flutter with your existing Android app.