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Dagger 2, 2 Years Later

Matt Dupree

Lead Android Developer


I’m a wannabe philosophy professor turned wannabe tech entrepreneur living in Orlando, FL. I’ve spent most of my professional career writing android code, but I’ve also written quite a bit of javascript (node, react native, react, I co-ran react orlando for a couple years) and a little bit of python, go, and ruby. I love writing and speaking about what I’ve learned. (Full list of android posts are here and talks are here) Now, I’m the Android lead at UniKey. We’re building a platform that makes it easy for access control companies and lock manufacturers to create smart locks/readers that you can open with your phone instead of a key or a card or a fob or…


A few years ago, we started using Dagger 2 in our applications. We saw some quick wins and were able to do some neat things like mock mode for testing and better support our white-labelling process. However, as time went on, several members of our team developed an aversion to working on the Dagger code, and I must admit that even I occasionally found it frustrating to work with. I want to say a little about why folks were frustrated and how I think we might have avoided that frustration. I still think using Dagger is a good idea, but there are some things I might have differently in how we adopted Dagger if we were starting today. This talk expands on a blog post I wrote (featured in Android Weekly): https://www.philosophicalhacker.com/post/dagger-2-years-later/