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Performance by Construction

Miguel Azevedo

Engineering Manager


Miguel Azevedo joined WhatsApp in 2016 and is currently the Engineering Manager of the WhatsApp Android Infrastructure team where he supports a group engineers focused on the storage, architecture, performance and reliability of the WhatsApp applications for Android. Prior to joining WhatsApp, Miguel worked at Oculus VR building the app stores for the Samsung Gear VR after spending 10 years on enterprise software development at IBM and startups.


For several years WhatsApp has been one of the most popular Android apps in the world and a lot of this success stems from how performant and reliable it has been, especially in older phones. This session describes the philosophy of "Performance by Construction" and our efforts to keep the application and codebase simple, small and reliable. We'll discuss choices and tradeoffs that we've made at the architectural level to prevent regressions, ways that we found to optimize efficiency and make our apps work at the scale of billions of active users.

Introductory and overview