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Profile Your UI Performance

Nitish Bhatt

Android Engineer

ShareTheMeal, UN World Food Programme

I’m an Android Engineer working at ShareTheMeal, UN World Food Programme with an aim to end world hunger with the help of Digital innovation. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, Android Auto and wearables.


Providing buttery-smooth user experience has always been a priority when it comes to delivering a performant app. Dropped Frames/unoptimised transitions can lead to a bad experience. This can obviously lead to - 1-star reviews. - user drops In this talk, I’ll try to answer the question `Is there anything we can do to make the UI Performant`?. In answering the question I'll touch on, what causes dropped frames and tips on how to avoid it also I'll explain how to profile the UI for problematic areas using the tools provided in Android Studio.