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The Journey From Legacy Code to Idiomatic Kotlin

Seetha Annamraju

Android Developer


Seetha works at Velos, a mobile dev shop in San Francisco, and has been an Android Engineer for four years. She previously worked as a software developer at Amazon Lab126, and then went on to launch her own startup in the food tech space. Through lessons learned, she started advising early stage startups on idea validation and market fit. Seetha has a Master's degree in Mobility and a Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She enjoys solving problems in the mobile landscape, and gives special attention to user experience and rapid prototyping.


We are often faced with large legacy codebases in Java that need to be converted to Kotlin. Sure, you can let Android Studio do the conversion, but then you end up with a bunch of !!s and inefficient Kotlin code. So where do you begin? This talk walks you through key steps in converting your Java codebase to efficient, idiomatic Kotlin. After working with multiple clients on legacy projects, I have learned lessons on doing this conversion efficiently, and ensuring that you are taking full advantage of Kotlin. We will walk through the process, along with tips on major components that generally require attention. After all, shouldn't every developer's goal be to leave the codebase better than you found it?

Introductory and overview

Lightning talk