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From Pandora's Box to a Bento Box: Using the Bento framework to upgrade legacy apps

Tyler Argo

Software Developer


Tyler is an Android developer working on the Search User Experience team at Yelp. He also enjoys making a website or two on the side and thinks Flutter is pretty cool.


At Yelp we have used Bento to progressively modularize our UI, transitioning from a Pandora's box of nested adapters, ListViews and minimal test coverage to a Bento box of modular UI components that can be reused across screens, extensive unit and integration test coverage, clear component ownership, and even RecyclerViews! We did this all without having to rethink our entire application architecture and with minimal compile-time overhead. In this talk you'll learn how Bento works and how it can be incorporated into an existing app to make feature development easier for you and your team.