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E2E2U: Slack’s journey to developer-driven end-to-end testing

Valera Zakharov

Tech lead


Valera leads the mobile developer experience team at Slack. Prior to Slack, he led the development of Espresso at Google and contributed to the infrastructure that runs hundreds of android tests per second. He is passionate about building (and presenting about!) infrastructure that makes the lives of developers more pleasant and productive.


Two years ago we presented on an approach that makes authoring reliable Android UI tests easier. To date, Slack android developers have written 637 UI tests and all of them run as part of a merge-blocking (and, most importantly, reliable) pull-request check. Having conquered this level, we set our sights on the top of our test pyramid - automated e2e tests. This test suite was still being maintained by a single hero developer, who, through sheer grit and determination, didn’t let this important part of our release process die. Armed with experience in functional UI testing, we embarked on an adventure to make our end-to-end test suite a shared responsibility of the entire team. Our journey has taken us through the fields of dagger, the bog of espresso IdlingResources, the inferno of proguard and, perhaps the most challenging of them all, cultural aspects of quality assurance. We look forward to sharing where we are in our never-ending testing story.