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Architecture Agnostic UI Development

Vinay Gaba & Marcos Paulo Damasceno

Senior Android Developer & Senior Android Engineer

Airbnb & Tinder

Vinay Gaba is an Senior Android Developer working at Airbnb. Prior to Airbnb, Vinay worked at Snapchat & Spotify and got his MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. He has been working on Android since 2012. He likes to spend his weekends working on his side projects, surfing and making elaborate travel plans.

Marcos is a Senior Android Dev who has been working with android for 8 years now. He carries in his career big projects in Canada for companies like Bell, AmpMe and GCM Group and he has worked in great companies like TransitApp and Shopify. Active in the Android community for quite some time now, Marcos is a Google Developer Expert for Android and has given many talks in big conferences like Droidcon NYC, Android TO, Droidcon London and many others. He is passionate about UI, User Experience and architecture and advocates for awesome looking apps before Material Design was a thing. Today Marcos is working as a Senior Android Developer at Tinder working on new features and projects.


Over the course of the last few years, we have seen a host of different architectures being used & recommended in our ecosystem. With each iteration of these recommended patterns, we often end up spending valuable development cycles in migrating our apps to the latest and greatest. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your UI agnostic of who’s driving it without having it attached to any kind of architecture? In this talk we will go through how we can leverage UI objects, sealed classes and state machine to make your UI easier to write, much more testable and predictable, where you can easily switch architectures and even UI frameworks (Jetpack Compose anyone?) without changing much of the core implementation of you UI code.