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Navigating Android like a Pro

Vivek Chanddru

Android Developer

FreshWorks Studio

First of his name. Developer of frameworks. Advocate of modular Code. Master of Android. Lover of Kotlin. Loves to teach and learn. Fell in love with programming when he was 8. Works at FreshWorks Studio - A startup services company which focuses on quality over quantity. Have got experience developing frameworks and SDKs used by many apps. Organizer of droidcon India.


Ever since Google introduced Jetpack Navigation, there has been mixed reception on how to get it to work on the project we have or the projects we start. Navigation library had a lot of changes in recent times and it is almost stable and caters to most of our needs. In this talk, you would learn how to get it working for your apps from someone who tried it when it was first introduced and reverted back. You will learn what new features are introduced in the Navigation 2.1 alpha and how to use them effectively in your apps. You will also learn about designing a single activity app and how to use Nested graphs. On the whole, when you leave the session, you will start loving fragments again and be ready to navigate your app like a Pro!