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The Imposter’s Guide To Dependency Injection

Adam McNeilly

Senior Android Engineer


Dependency Injection is routinely one of the hottest topics in Android development. It can also be one of the scariest. With tons of buzz words, half a dozen libraries, and an endless collection of Twitter wars, this topic is enough to paralyze any developer. In this presentation, we’ll break the topic down to its most core fundamentals. We’ll discuss the importance of dependency injection, how to get started, and how to make educated decisions about the tooling that exists. You’ll leave this talk with a clear recipe for managing dependency injection in your applications, and a renewed confidence in your ability to navigate these conversations.

Adam is a Software Engineer, Android enthusiast, and pun aficionado. He fell in love with Android when he picked it up as a hobby in 2013 and he's been staying on top of the latest trends and contributing to open source projects ever since. Adam also strives to be an active member of the developer community - traveling the world to attend and speak at hackathons and conferences to both educate and learn from others in the community.