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KSP and Plugins. Optimizing Kotlin Multiplatform common code

Anna Zharkova

Lead Mobile developer


KSP (Kotlin Symbol Processing) is an API from Google for writing Kotlin compiler plugins. Using KSP we can write annotation processors to reduce boilerplate and solve cross-cutting concerns. Also KSP is more effective than KAPT. Among the advantages of using it is the support of Kotlin Multiplatform. Another way to optimize common code is to use Kotlin plugins. In my talk I would to like to show some samples how to use own plugins and KSP processing in Kotlin Multiplatform app supporting both iOS and Android.

My name is Anna Zharkova, I'm from Barnaul. I'm Lead Mobile developer with more than 7 years of experience. I develop both native (iOS - Swift/Objective-c, Android - Kotlin/Java) and cross platform (Xamarin, Kotlin Multiplatform) applications. I also make an architect solution in mobile projects. Also mentoring junior developers and leading of mobile team.
Currently, I'm Leading Developer in Usetech company.
Tutor in Otus course "iOS Advanced 2.0"