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Android app internationalization: users can now choose their application language

Ash Nohe

Developer Relations Engineer


In Android 13, developers have the tools to set application languages at runtime. Consider this user journey to understand why this is important to end users:

You speak Bengali and Hindi fluently. On your phone, you read the news in Hindi and send messages in Bengali. Your phone Settings are in English because it is easier to get help with your phone that way – English is a bridge language. As a user, you prefer to use certain apps (entertainment, messaging, news etc) in a different language while maintaining a separate language to navigate through the rest of your phone. In this talk, learn how to provide your end users the ability to fluently set your application language according to their preferences.

Ash is an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google. Her primary goal is to hear out and advocate for Android app developers. Her areas of focus are Themed Application Icons, App Widgets, and internationalization features on mobile devices. Previously, she worked on mapping applications.