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How Are Other Teams Doing It? Lessons in CI/CD from 3500 Android Teams

Ben Boral

Senior Solutions Engineer


Best practices have emerged in the creation and usage of CI/CD for android projects. This session offers an exclusive look at the techniques used by the 3500+ Android teams running their CI/CD on

We will mine the aggregated build data for answers to questions like:
* what are the common techniques that Android teams are using in their workflows?
* what are the up-and-coming techniques?
* what build duration is considered "fast?"
* what are some techniques I can apply to my CI today that will speed up my android dev feedback cycles?

Ben is an expert in the application of automation strategies across all stages of the DevOps lifecycle in mobile apps. Originally inspired by the techniques described in Jez Humble’s book, “Continuous Delivery,” Ben has since helped dozens of mobile engineering organizations achieve automation nirvana. He is currently a senior solutions engineer at