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Build Scalable and Performant Apps with GraphQL

Ben Sklar & Wolfgang Mathurin

Senior Product Manager & Mobile Architect


Building applications that scale for millions of users can be challenging and there are numerous considerations. We will talk about when and why you should use GraphQL and how it can help you scale your app while also improving client-side performance. We’ll show you how we were able to reduce documentation load, increase performance, and improve developer productivity using real-world examples from the Salesforce GraphQL API & Mobile SDK, and how you can migrate from existing RESTful API architecture to GraphQL.

Ben Sklar is a Senior Product Manager who is excited to deliver the Salesforce GraphQL API to empower developers to build performant and rich web and mobile applications. When not thinking about GraphQL, Ben is seen skiing at Lake Tahoe. When it’s too warm to ski, you’ll find Ben hiking in the San Francisco Bay Area with his 2-year old Cavapoo, Percy.

Wolfgang has been a mobile developer on both iOS and Android for over 10 years. He has worked on a number of SDKs used in numerous apps at Salesforce and beyond.