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Graphics for Android Developers, Part Deux

Chet Haase & Romain Guy

Android Graphics Engineer & Android Toolkit


Last year at about this time, we presented the talk "Graphics for Android Developers," in which we discussed several fundamental graphics concepts, like pixels, bitmaps, path rendering, and more.

In this exciting sequel, we intend to go further, describing more fundamental and important graphics concepts, as well as how they are used in the Android APIs to render your applications.

Chet has been on the Android team since 2010, first working on and leading the UI Toolkit team, then as Android's Chief Advocate on the Developer Relations team, and now as an engineer on the graphics team. He enjoys hacking code for graphics, UI, performance, and then talking to developers about it at conferences like this.

Romain manages the Android Toolkit team. The team's projects included AndroidX/Jetpack, the UI toolkit, Kotlin support and graphics.