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The Evolution of Android Graphics in Android 12/13

Daniel Galpin

Android Developer Advocate and Fast Talking YouTuber


Android 12 and 13 both added significant new capabilities to Android platform graphics, including RenderEffect, RuntimeShader, and more. At the same time, RenderScript has been deprecated and we've introduced the RenderScript Intrinsics Replacement Toolkit. This talk covers how to use all the new stuff, how to bridge an app from RenderScript to the new world, how to take advantage of this within Jetpack Compose, and fundamentals about how Android's Canvas works.

Dan leads outreach for the Android Developer Relations team at Google, where he's written blogs, developed videos, spoken at conferences, designed Udacity courseware, and written libraries for over eight years, and Kotlin + Jetpack is the thing that makes being on the Android team fun and exciting again.