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Using ConstraintLayout in Compose

John Hoford & Nicolas Roard

Android Developer & Director of Engineering

Google & Rivian

ConstraintLayout in Compose is growing in popularity and last year we released ConstraintLayout Compose 1.0 It brings most of the concepts of ConstraintLayout and MotionLayout to Compose. In this talk we will show how the old concepts map into Compose. We will detail the features and benefits of using ConstraintLayout/MotionLayout. We will demonstrate examples of how ConstraintLayout can help solve tricky UI problems, provide an element separation in your UI, and be used in new and innovative ways.

John is a developer on Android working on Android Studio, ConstraintLayout and MotionLayout. He has worked on Android Studio, RenderScript, Vector Drawables, computed shadows and photo editor filters.

Nicolas works on HMI at Rivian as Director of Engineering