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Building Apps that Scale

Kilo Loco

Senior Developer Advocate


When it comes to building mobile apps, there are virtually unlimited approaches a developer can take to accomplish the job. However, when it comes to ensuring that the app can scale in terms of the codebase and performance with a growing userbase, there are a few best practices that should be followed.

This talk will cover common architecture principles that help you modularize your codebase and manage dependencies between those components. It will also introduce viewers to AWS Amplify, a toolset that allows mobile developers to take advantage of some of the most popular, scalable, resources offered by AWS.

By the end of this talk, viewers will know how to structure a codebase that can scale and build an app that can support a demanding userbase.

Kilo Loco, aka Kyle Lee, is a self-taught developer, programming tutorial YouTuber, and Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. He has several years of experience working at companies both large and small, as well as freelance contracting. His focus is to take his experiences as a developer and share them with the world, helping others to code passionately.