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Migrating to Kotlin State & Shared Flows

Mohit Sarveiya

Google Developers Expert Kotlin & Android


State Flows and Shared Flows were introduced to broadcast events to multiple consumers with coroutines. You might have been using Broadcast Channels and are starting to migrate to Shared Flows. Or, you might be converting your RxJava code to Flows.

We’ll dive deep into the Shared & State Flow APIs. A Shared Flow provides you with ability to replay and cache events. How does it compare and map to existing RxJava constructs like publisher subjects? Or, how is it different from a Broadcast Channel? How do you handle back pressure? We’ll look into simple to complex use cases for migrating to Shared Flows and explore these questions in detail.

By the end of this talk, you’ll have a good starting point to begin to migrate to State Flows and Shared Flows.

Mohit Sarveiya is a Google Developer Expert in Kotlin and Android. Prior to building Android apps, he was a Backend Engineer. He was an early adopter of Kotlin and absolutely loves the language. He has given many talks and workshops on Kotlin.