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Piranha: Automated Code Deletion @ Uber

Murali Krishna Ramanathan

Staff Software Engineer


1. I would like to talk about my experiences with building Piranha ( and deploying it at Uber to delete > 350KLoC mobile code related to stale feature flags.
2. We have Piranha available for four languages (Java, Swift, ObjC, JS) and are expanding it for Kotlin and Go.
3. I will also deep dive into how we have been able to leverage this infrastructure for supporting code migrations also.

Murali Krishna Ramanathan is a Staff Software Engineer and leads multiple code quality initiatives across Uber engineering. He is the architect of Piranha, a refactoring tool to automatically delete code due to stale feature flags. His interests are building tooling to address software development challenges with feature flagging, automated code refactoring and developer workflows, and automated test generation for improving software quality.