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Measure the Performance of your Android App with Sentry

Philipp Hofmann & Manoel Aranda Neto

Senior Mobile SDK Engineers


Slow apps frustrate users, and the competition is only one tap away. Android developers need to see how their application performs. That means visibility into when a user writes to disk, fetches media, or performs requests to the backend. Without this data, untreated performance problems run the risk of becoming severe errors. Sentry's Android SDK provides you insight into Activities, Fragments, requests with OkHTTP, DB queries with SQLite/Room, mobile vitals, meaning app start, slow and frozen frames, and more, automatically in real-time.

Join this talk to learn how to uncover Android performance issues, related errors and see how to solve them quickly.

Philipp is a Mobile Ecosystem Engineer at Sentry. He mainly maintains and develops new features of the open-source SDK for Cocoa in a small team that also takes care of SDKs for Android, React Native, and Flutter. In this team, they build the future of application monitoring for mobile applications to help developers diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.

Manoel is a Mobile Engineer with 10+ years of experience designing, developing, testing, and maintaining Android applications in different fields like educational, tolls, freights, documentations, Marketplace Apps, and now building SDKs for Mobile Apps to help you fix bugs and performance issues even faster.