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State Machines and Hopeful Dreams

Rikin Marfatia

Android Engineer


Building out an Architecture for your application can be quite a difficult task. Thankfully (or Unfortunately) there are many solutions out there trying to solve this problem, acting as Architecture containers that create an opinionated way that data flows through your application and how state is managed/updated.

I'll be looking at these libraries:
- Mavericks
- Workflow
- Decompose

We'll build a medium complexity Jetpack Compose UI based app with these three libraries and compare them on a few different criteria, including flexibility, ease of use, documentation, etc. We'll find out if they are worth using for our current and future projects. Or maybe we just find out we should build out own.

During work hours, I am an Android Engineer at Pinterest. All other hours I am an aspiring Snowboarder/Barista.