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Netflix + Gradle A Journey in Developer Productivity

Rooz Mohazzabi & Emmanuel Boudrant

Android Developer

Gradle & Netflix

A case study on how Netflix and Gradle have been working together to optimize Netflix Android builds, find bottlenecks, and improve developer productivity. Emmanuel Boudrant from Netflix and Rooz Mohazzabi from Gradle will share wins and findings from their journey on...

How Netflix does builds
- Spinnaker / Jenkins
- Gradle / AGP / Android Studio
- Lots of variants
- Build Scans, Gradle profiler
Lots of static analysis and testing
- AGP updates
- Dexguard
- Jettifier
Build cache optimizations and debugging cache misses
- Android SDK and JDK version
- CI vs Local cache-miss
Build properties case with modularisation
- Modularization with dependency injection

Rooz has been a part of the Gradle customer support team helping large Android apps with their shipping-software-at-scale challenges. Rooz is also the one of the co-organizers of the San Francisco Android GDG, Gradle Summit, and the host of DevProdEng (DPE) Showdown.

Emmanuel is an Android developer working on the Netflix Android app. He has over 10 years of Android programming experience. Emmanuel has been working on the Netflix Android UI team since 2016 working on UI development and infrastructure. Formerly Emmanuel worked on Android at Tango and Yahoo!