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Multiplatform Settings 1.0

Russell Wolf

Kotlin Multiplatform


Multiplatform Settings was one of the first mobile Kotlin Multiplatform libraries available for mobile apps. With Kotlin Multplatform Mobile now in beta, Multiplatform Settings has reached its 1.0 release. Let’s talk about it!

I’ll share insights from my journey as a first-time library developer, and talk about things I've been working on recently. We'll touch on things like API design choices, integration issues, and keeping up with a quickly-evolving ecosystem. You'll come away inspired to work on multiplatform libraries of your own.

Russell started his first Kotlin Multiplatform project the day after it was possible to share code between JVM and Kotlin/Native. He is the author and maintainer of Multiplatform Settings, a key-value storage library which was one of the earliest mobile multiplatform libraries available. Now a part of Touchlab and with over three years of experience in both multiplatform apps and libraries, he loves finding new ways to connect with the community and help people use this technology.