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Retrofitting Legacy Code with Jetpack Compose at Scale

Ryan Simon

Senior Android Engineer


Jetpack Compose sounds great on paper, but how does it work on Android projects with tons of existing code, features, and modules?

Spoiler: it works quite well! At Monzo, we adopted Compose while it was in alpha, and we’ve scaled our implementation across many of our hundreds of feature modules.

We’ve trained up our developers, and have gained incredible speed when delivering new features because of Compose. Our product managers are still shocked at how fast we can be!

Here’s what you’ll be able to take away from this talk:
- Why you should consider Compose for new and existing projects of any size
- The real-world advantages of Compose over the existing View system
- What building a custom design system in Compose can do for your team
- Some things to look out for when adopting Compose with existing View UI
- Tips on how to sell Compose to your team and managers!

Ryan is a Senior Android Engineer at Monzo. He's excited about empowering people to do more with their money and personal finances.

Ryan is deeply invested in Compose and Kotlin Multiplatform, and is thrilled about the future of shared code.

He enjoys sharing his Kotlin knowledge with his local community as the founder and organizer of Kotlin Krew.