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Embracing commonMain for Android Development

Sam Edwards

Android & Kotlin GDE


We are all excited to use Kotlin Multiplatform, but on large projects it’s hard to figure out where to start using it without introducing risk. In this talk, I’ll give you techniques to start writing your code in commonMain right now. The code you write in commonMain is just Kotlin code, so it’s no different than what you write today, but with some slightly different configuration and guidelines that need to be followed. I’ll show you how to quickly set up your project configuration, and what guidelines to follow so you can start exercising your Multiplatform muscles. Writing code in commonMain helps promote modularity, and makes you think like a “Mobile developer” instead of just an “Android” developer.

Sam is a Staff Engineer at Dropbox and Google Developer Expert for Android. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has 18 years of professional experience with software development. Check out where he shares tips and tricks about Android and Kotlin development.