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Solid Modularization - Untangling the dependency graph

Siggi Jonsson

Android Engineer


Since we took the stage at Droidcon NYC 2019 to talk about modularization at Tinder, our team and codebase have grown a lot and so has our project and build complexity. This talk will look back at some of the mistakes we made with our original modularization strategy and the impact that had on our engineering teams. We will look at the tools we used to analyze our dependency and build graphs, how we identified bottlenecks in our processes. Finally, we will illustrate how we pivoted our strategy and restructured the project in a way that optimizes for the independence and efficiency of our feature teams and automates key decisions when it comes to dependency management, all without being disruptive to our engineering teams and ensuring we can continue evolving with the changing landscape of Android development.

Android developer from Iceland, living in LA, where I tinker with modularization and organization of the Tinder Android App